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    Real Estate Purchase and Sale

    Commercial and Residential Real Estate Closing Lawyers

    Generally, buying or selling real estate is a process that should make you happy. It is a real estate transaction that should positively impact your life. Your excitement should not come without awareness of the issues that might develop after your real estate closing.

    Attention to detail is crucial, not only in the drafting of a contract of sale but to the due diligence often involved in the transaction. We are fully prepared to review leases, evaluate statutory tenancies, the status of administrative proceedings against a building, and building department issues (such as certificate of occupancy and violation issues).

    A real estate closing might be one of your larger financial transactions and it is thus important for you to understand the potential complex legal issues that might develop. You need to be certain that your financial interests and your legal rights are protected.

    At Law Office of Aaron Kohanim, our competent Los Angeles real estate closings attorneys can ensure that your interests are protected every step of the way when you buy or sell real estate. We recognize the importance of real estate transactions and how they can affect you. We can help you avoid common mistakes, ensure all contracts and paperwork are clear and legally binding, and in all facilitate a smooth and beneficial real estate transaction.

    • Avoid vague or unclear terms in brokerage agreements that could have negative financial or legal consequences.
    • Provide a consultation regarding the tax consequences of a purchase or sale, and offer options to mitigate taxes on capital gains.
    • Ensure the purchase agreement is clear, complete, legally binding, and in your best interests.
    • Resolve any last-minute disputes regarding fees, costs, personal property, and more.
    • Ensure the deed and mortgage instruments are properly signed, executed, and explained.

    We can help guide clients through various issues, such as:

    • Do my purchase agreements or title documents reflect my best interests?
    • Does my real estate project comply with Chicago building code guidelines?
    • What are my options when a real estate dispute arises?
    • What types of documents or permits do I need when starting a new business?

    Negotiating Real Estate Leases

    It is essential that all parties to a commercial lease agreement fully understand the terms of the lease by which they will be bound. Our firm will take the time to explain the lease in terms that you can understand. If any negotiating needs to be done in order to make the lease better work for you, our lawyers persuasively articulate your needs and how the lease should be amended to suit those needs.

    ​Commercial leasing is complex and typically involves numerous business and legal issues. Whether you are a landlord leasing out a commercial building or a commercial tenant dealing with the lease on a property, turn to our trusted legal team.

    ​The Law Office of Aaron Kohanim works to protect the rights of landlords and tenants in negotiating commercial leases. Our Los Angeles firm has handled all aspects of leasing in commercial spaces, including shopping mall spaces, office buildings, retail spaces, warehouse spaces and more.